About AFC

American Friends of Chantilly, Inc. was created in 2003 by a group of American Francophiles who had been captivated by visits to Château de Chantilly. Its purpose is three- fold:

  • To raise tax deductible contributions for the restoration and preservation of paintings, sculptures, books and historic manuscripts located at Château de Chantilly.
  • To encourage Americans to visit this beautiful and historic site as individuals, families and with tour groups.
  • To provide tours and educational exchange opportunities with Domaine de Chantilly.

Nationwide membership includes persons interested in the arts, who have visited the Domain or learned about it, and wish to help preserve its magnificent collections for the enjoyment of future generations. AFC's work has been encouraged by the International Alliance Française, and by M Alain Decaux, from The Academie Française, former Minister of the French Governement, and former President of the "College des Conservateurs du Domaine de Chantilly".

American Friends of Chantilly has been approved by the United States Internal Revenues Service as a not-for-profit, philantropic association. Membership dues and restoration contributions are exempt from US Income tax.

Board of Directors

Projects supported by American Friends of Chantilly :

  • Participation in the Restoration of The Château's collection of priceless 16th Century Clouet portraits of French kings and their courts (2003 - 2005)
  • Organization of an inaugural tour of AFC members (2005)
  • Underwriting of the first French language edition of "Gardens of Illusion, The Genius of André Le Notre" by board member, Dr. F. Hamilton Hazlehurst
  • Publishing of the first complete catalogue of the hundreds of priceless historic manuscripts housed in the Château de Chantilly library (2007 - 2008)
  • Restoration of the Statue of André Le Nôtre (2009)
  • Financial participation for publishing an English version of the book on the restoration of Le Nôtre's gardens.
    . Restoration of the Sculpted Fountain of the Grand Stables (2012)
    . Restoration of the Island of Love (Gazebo and Statue of Eros) (2013)
    . Organization of a special AFC Tour on Le Nôtre (400th Anniversary) (2013)
    . Restoration of the Simonetta Vespucci (2014)
    . Participation to the Fra Angelico Exhibition (2014/2015)
    . Restoration of several paintings of the Gallery of Paintings (2014/2015)
    . Continuing welcoming American Students in Summer internships at the Domaine
American Friends of Chantilly has over 200 members from coast to coast and in both continents.